Do you ever worry what would happen to the contents of your medical fridge if the power went out?   Do you have a power back-up protection/alarm system in place? A common UPS for refrigerators is a battery backup system (aka UPS). However, do you know the best size of UPS you need for your refrigerator?

Given the range of options for backup power and power quality equipment, selecting the most appropriate choice for a facility requires a careful examination of the facility’s loads, power supply and energy management capacity.

To determine the UPS size you need for your medical fridge, you need to determine the power draw over a reasonable time span, assuming the ambient room temperature is consistent year-round.  This can be measured, talk to our UPS specialists who will help you determine the average watts per hour or kilowatts per day you need for your UPS solution.

Once you know the power requirements of the refrigerator and how long a power outage you plan to sustain, a system size can be determined.

To avoid power loss and damages to your vital equipment we recommend that you support your medical fridge with one of our UPS systems. Make sure you get the right power solution to meet your needs and talk to one of our Uninterruptible Power Supply Experts on 1300 877 832.