It is important when choosing an Uninterruptible Power Supply that it is sized appropriately for the equipment your are protecting.

The CyberPower Systems UPS selector tool
is very helpful in determining the best Interruptible Power Supply
to meet your needs.

So, What size UPS do I need?

The first thing you want to find out is what kind of computer will you be connecting to the UPS and how many other devices you plan to connect to it.

List all the equipment needed to be protected by the UPS to figure out the total loading you will need in volt-amps. This will also assist decide on how large of a UPS you will need.

The equipment will have nameplate that will provide information of the total loading (VA) in amp, volts, and watts.

Multiply the volt and amp to get the VA ratings. Add all the VA ratings for all equipment that you plan to connect to the UPS.832

Note: To convert watts, use the following formula

1.6*Wattage Load1.6*Wattage Load = Minimum Volt-Amperage (VA)

Once you have worked out the total VA, you can decide how large of a UPS you will need. The simple rule of thumb is to allow for growth and add at least 15%. Use the CyberPower System UPS tool for choosing the appropriate UPS system. Still not sure? For peace of mind, make sure to talk to our service specialist to get the best power solution for your needs on 1300 877 832.